This Song Contest #, often referred to as TSC #, was the null edition of the This Song Contest. It was held in null.

25 countries participated in the third edition. null countries withdrew while another null countries returned while another null debuted. An additional null countries voted but did not participate. In order to participate, the countries had to be a member of the European Broadcasting Union (with the exception of Australia).

country was crowned as the winner of the edition with the song "null" performed by Knull. The song gathered a total of 440 points, 131 points ahead the runner-up, country. country finished on third place. To finish, country, country and country completed the top 6 of the edition.

Participating Countries Edit

25 countries took part in the second edition of the This Song Contest. null other countries voted but did not take part.

Grand Final Edit

25 countries took part in the grand final, with the remaining null countries voting.

Country Artist Song
Australia KYA What I Live For 8
Austria Anna F. Too Far 9
Belgium Loïc Nottet Million Eyes 7
Croatia Luminize Kill It With Love 2
Czech Republic Sebastian Toulava 12
Denmark IDA Maybe I Like It 11
Finland Softengine The Sirens 10
France Aurelie Preston All We Have 15
Georgia Rati Durglishvili Paper Boat 14
Germany Oonagh Aulë und Yavanna 13
Hungary Boggie Parfum 21
Iceland Greta Salóme My Blues 22
Ireland HomeTown Cry For Help 23
Italy Lodvica Comello Non cadiamo mai 20
Lithuania Greta Zazza Like I Love You 25
Malta I.AM.WILLOW Oceanful 24
Poland Margaret Cool Me Down 6
Russia i-La Hungry 5
Slovakia Celeste Buckingham My Last Song 3
Spain Fuel Fandango Salvaje 19
Sweden Oscar Zia Human 4
Switzerland Anna Känzig Lion's Heart 18
The Netherlands Within Temptation Whole World is Watching 17
Turkey Gülsen Bangir Bangir 1
United Kingdom Ella Eyre Together 16
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